The Book and Short Stories

Boys Own_COVERfull

Eli Glasman’s debut novel, The Boy’s Own Manual to Being a Proper Jew (Sleepers Publishing), about a homosexual boy in the Melbourne orthodox Jewish community, is available in both soft cover and as ebook from all good Australian bookstores and the usual places online. The Sleepers Publishing Website (link here), is a great place to grab it, as it has links to other places online – such as Kobo, Apple iBook, Kindle and Barnes and Noble, as well as option to purchase the softcover copy overseas.

Here are reviews from The Age/Sydney Morning Herald, Junior Books and Publishing and The Conversation. More can be found online. You can read a sample here. Check out the Goodreads profile here.

Eli also has several short stories in circulation. You can click on the titles below and give them a read.

Neggiah – This story is about a young orthodox Jewish boy with Crohn’s Disease who wants to get his first kiss. It was Runner up in the 2013 Griffith University Josephine Ulrick Short Story Competition.

Chillers – This is about a young orthodox Jewish boy (again) who wants to have sex for the first time without breaking Shabbat. It’s not as sleazy as it sounds. It’s actually quite sweet. It was published in Sleepers Almanac no. 7. 2011.

Bag – This story is about a young man with Crohn’s Disease who has an operation to have a stoma fashioned. Published in Voiceworks Autumn 2011, this story was selected by the editor to be read at the Wheelers Centre’s event Debut Mondays in July 2011.